If you are in a difficult time and need to apply for credit to solve all your debts, the best option is a car title loan, do not worry you can continue driving your car while pawning your title to the service provider for as long as you need and you will get the money you want, without so many tangles.

It is very easy to do this process just must have all the documents up to date to proceed to make the loan, which, it will take less than an hour to obtain through a telephone line offered by the agency to which you went for this type of procedure or even through its website, there you will fill out a form that will make your process simpler.

What do you need to obtain car titles?

The main requirement to be able to obtain a car title loan, is to own a car in California, to have the necessaries documents, it’s so important to be a U.S. citizen and of course that this is valid, that is to say, if you just bought the car and did not make the change of ownership in the documents, you will not be able to carry out the procedure.

After you have solved any type of legal problem with the ownership of your car, you can proceed with the car title loan process without any problem, in California there are many offices in almost every county that will provide the best service, at the time to request the process and resolve all your doubts.

One of the best financing options is usually this type of procedure, since the service provider will guide you through the best option depending on your type of car, they evaluate each item of it, through this they will determine if you meet all the requirements to obtain the loan

What are the Requirements to obtain an auto title loan?

The best way to get money quickly is through a type of procedure like this, i.e., a car title loan. The best option is to contact an agency that will guide you in these cases, in the State of California from any point, there are a lot of them that will guide you in the best way.

It is important that you take into account the first recommendation, that is to say, to have the first one of them it’s you must have the property of the vehicle, which must be in good conditions, and in addition to the necessary documentation in general otherwise the process will not be successful and will take a little longer than usual.

As for the documentation necessary to obtain a car title loan, not only in California but anywhere, you need: title to the vehicle (exclusive property), identification of the lender, invoice or proof of current residence, current registration of the vehicle.

Proof of vehicle insurance, proof of ability to repay the loan, two personal references and copies of car keys.